The locals are very happy with Shakib's great work


The world's best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has built a mosque in Nanabari area.

The mosque was inaugurated in April last year. However, Shakib did not want the matter to be publicized. According to local sources, Shakib built the mosque in the area of ​​his grandfather's house in Barashia, Alokdia, Magura.

The construction of Barasia Purbapara Jame Mosque has cost around Tk 35 lakh. Inside the one-storey mosque, six rows have been made.

About 40 worshipers can perform prayers in each Qatar. Mufti Mohammad has been leading the prayers there since the inauguration of the mosque. Atiq Ullah.

He said, the locals are very happy with Shakib's great work in Nanabari area.

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