The weather may change slightly by next Wednesday


The number one warning signal has been issued in the river port due to the possibility of temporary gusts or strong winds. The Meteorological Department said in a warning message on Sunday that there could be temporary gusts of 45 to 60 kmph from the west or north-west over Comilla, Noakhali and Sylhet regions with rain or thunderstorms.

Therefore, the river ports in these areas have been asked to display the number one warning signal. The normal light pressure of the season is located in the South Bay.

In this situation, there may be temporary gusts / thundershowers in Comilla region and a couple of places in Mymensingh and Sylhet divisions. Besides, the weather may be mainly dry with temporary partly cloudy sky elsewhere in the country. Day and night temperatures across the country may remain almost unchanged on Monday.

At this time, the wind speed in Dhaka from south or south-east will be 6 to 12 km per hour. The weather may change slightly by next Wednesday. The temperature will rise in the extended five days.

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