All madrassas across the country were ordered to remain closed until further notice


The government has ordered the closure of all types of madrasas (residential and non-residential) across the country, including Qawmi madrasas, except orphanages, until further notice.

It has been informed in the instruction that no slackness can be shown in following this instruction. A notification was issued on Tuesday by the Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Currently, lockdown is in force in the country.

Earlier, the government had decided to close all educational institutions in the country till May 22. The notification further said that despite the government's directive, some residential and non-residential madrasas are still open in different parts of the country, which is extremely health risk in the current situation. Therefore, it was requested to close all madrasas (residential and non-residential) including Qawmi Madrasa (except orphanages) till further orders.

No relaxation can be shown in following this instruction. Educational institutions have been closed since March 17 last year. However, in Corona, the government allowed the opening of Hifz sections of Qawmi madrasas from July 12.

On July 8, the Ministry of Religion issued a notification in this regard. Earlier, from June 1, the country's Qawmi Madrasa was allowed to open offices by ensuring hygiene and social distance in order to conduct student admission activities.

Then on August 25 last year, the Department of Madrasa and Technical Education of the Ministry of Education gave permission to open the book department of Qawmi Madrasa.

But due to the resurgence of corona infection, a meeting of the Ministry of Education on March 25 decided to extend the school-college holidays till May 22.

After that, a notification was issued by the ministry on March 28 stating that all types of educational institutions would remain closed till May 22.

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