Eid-ul-Fitr prayer mosque: Ministry of Religion


In the Coronavirus epidemic, Eidgah or open space instead of an open space, the Eid Jamaat must be earned in the mosque.

At the same time, the government has requested that the Jamaat has to be applied to the corresponding hygiene. On Monday, a request was requested from the Ministry of Religion. Accordingly, it is said that in the Islamic Shariah, the Eidgah or open place is encouraged to collect the Jamaat in the prayers of the Holy Eid-ul-Fitr.

But now in the country, Considering the risk of the life of the worshipers of the worshipers in the country, the Jatiya prayers of Eid prayers was requested to earn the nearest mosque.

If needed, multiple churches can be organized in the same mosque. In order of order of the Dharma Ministry, the Eid Jamaat was also requested to comply with the Eid Jamaat. It is said that during the Jamaat of Eid prayers, the carpet can not be screened.

Before the prayers, the entire mosque must be cleaned with a bactericidal. The devotees can bring Zainamaj in his own responsibility.

Apart from this, soap or hand sanitizer should be kept in the mosque in an Ashur area. Masji will have to keep soap-water equipped with hand-sanitizer / hand wash.

Everyone will come to the mosque from their respective nests and will have to wash hands with soap with at least 20 seconds while doing an excuse.

The devotees must come to the mosque after the mask. Zainamaj and hats reserved in the mosque can not be used.

And in order to stand in Qatar during the events of Eid, there must be physical distance and hygiene. The person who engaged in the service of children, grain, and sick people can not participate in the Jamaat of Eid prayers.

At the end of the Jamaat, to avoid the matching and mixed hands.

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