If this government is in power, it will not be possible to deal with the crisis in any way: Manna


Mahmudur Rahman Manna, convener of Citizens' Unity, said the government was trying harder to suppress opposition parties in the midst of the Corona catastrophe. Even a quarter of them are not trying to ensure ICU growth, opioid stocks or vaccinations at the hospital.

Despite this crisis, they have continued to repress, arrest, remand and torture the opposition. He said this while addressing a press conference at the party's central office on Topkhana Road in the capital on Wednesday.

But what the government has done in the last 14 months since the corona infection, it is not possible for them to deal with this second wave. So far no such initiative has been taken by the government. They are in power by force.

Their main goal is to retain power in any way. He appealed to the people to raise their voice and protest for their rights from their own position. If this government is in power, it will not be possible to deal with the crisis in any way.

Still, we hope that the government will be humane and implement our demands quickly to save the people of the country. And if the government behaves as before, then there will be no other way but to establish the government of the people by dismissing the government through mass movement in the streets.

"We have seen a lot of corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and lack of coordination in dealing with the first wave of corona," he added.

Every sector of the health sector has shown no improvement. Support is needed in the most complex situations of this disease.

However, Bangladesh has the lowest number of ICUs per capita in South Asia. Last year, 47 districts of the country did not even have an ICU bed at the government level.

Since then, new ICU beds have been provided in only five districts.

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