Not feel safe to continue playing the IPL, cricketer


India's life is now Talmatala. Every day is increasing infection and the number of dead. In situations, it is not safe to continue playing in the IPL in situations. And so some cricketer have removed themselves from the popular franchise T20 league of the world. Among them, Adam Jummas, why are Richardson, as foreigners like Ribechandra Ashwin.

Even some Indian media also postponed the news of the IPL report. However, most of the IPLs are in favor of keeping playing for 'joy' on the day of the epidemic of this epidemic. The matches of the Home-Away-based tournament are being held in two venues at the same time at the same time.

Until April 25, the first round of Mumbai and Chennai have been played in Mumbai; The two cities that have been in the beginning of the transmission of infection. On the beginning of Ahmedabad, in Ahmedabad, in Ahmedabad, will not be affected in Delhi. In view of increasing infections, India's health management is scared to break a variety of fragments and panic in the possibility of travel sanctions, many people are feeling terrified. The Royal Challengers Bangalore said in the official statement that two Australian Jampas and Richardson are going back to the country.

Rajasthan Royals said Andrew Tee is about to move. Although the first two publicly publicly did not have any comments, the tie told the conclusions of the tie 'locked in Lockdown. Meanwhile, Ashwin in Delhi Capitals said that he was moving away from this year's IPL to help his family and others who are fighting against Coron. .

If the situation improves, then return. The authorities are simply leaving the IPL in such a local and foreign players. A reluctant BCCI official in the name of the name 'wishes that someone could go'.

But most of them are going to go. Australia Pat Cummins and Coach Ricky Ponting want to continue such a game. Cummins also gave 50 thousand dollars for oxygen content.

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