40 more deaths due to coronavirus in the country


More than 40 people died due to Karonavirus in the last 24 hours in the country. The number of deaths in the country has increased to 12 thousand 441 people.

In 24 hours, 1,675 people have been identified with newly affected. The number of identities in the country has stood at 7 lakh 92 thousand 196 people.

This information was reported in the press release sent from the Department of Health on Tuesday.

In the last 24 hours, 40 men were killed in 40 people. And 14 people.

In 24 hours, Samples were tested with antigen tests, 16 thousand 624. Total samples have been tested with 58 lakh 54 thousand 919.

1,279 people have recovered from the affected attack in the last 24 hours. 7 lakh 32 thousand 810 people have been recovered about this.

Considering the recovery rate of 92.5 percent. Besides, death rate is 1.57 percent in consideration. And considering the sample test, the identification rate is 10.88 percent.

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