A case was filed in the name of Kangana in Calcutta


Actress Kangana Ranaut's involvement in the controversy is not a new phenomenon, this time she is facing legal issues due to one controversial tweet after another about the Bengal elections. Since the collapse of the BJP in West Bengal, Kangana has been on the Twitter wall with only Bengal Assembly votes.

There she allegedly made provocative remarks. Not only that, it is also being claimed that she has insulted the Bengali nation.

Due to this, this time the name of Kangana is Sumit Chowdhury, the lawyer of the High Court near Kolkata Police. Kangana has filed a case through e-mail.

Sumit Chowdhury's clear allegation is that Kangana is trying to destroy law and order in Bengal. He said the three tweets that Kangana made on May 2 were an insult to West Bengal and the people of West Bengal.

He told the Kolkata police in writing, "Kangana wants to spread unrest by talking on behalf of the BJP. The actress wants to upset the balance of law and order in Bengal. She is trying to spread unrest by speaking in support of NRC and CA.

The lawyer has lodged a complaint with the police through e-mail. Mamata is in power in Bengal for the third time with 213 MLAs.

But Kangana attacked him as a 'monster', a 'villain'. Commenting that Bengal will soon become Kashmir, she wrote: 'Bangladeshis and Rohingyas are Mamata Banerjee's biggest strength… in the trend I see, Bengal no longer has a majority and according to data, Muslims in Bengal are poorer and more deprived than in other parts of India.

Another good Kashmir is being created '. In another tweet, Kangana spoke about the crisis of existence of Hindus in Bengal.

She did not stop after that, following a tweet from BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta alleging post-poll violence, she instigated direct violence, claiming the President's rule. On Monday night, she wrote on Twitter: "It's horrible ... we need super hooliganism to kill hooliganism ... she (Mamata) is like a shackleless monster, please show Modi the gigantic form of early 2000 to subdue him".

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