After May 16, the police will be given judicial powers wearing 100% masks: Public Administration


State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain has said that the ongoing lockdown could extend for another week after May 16 as the Indian variant of the Corona is at risk of spreading in the country.

At the same time, the police will be given judicial powers to make it mandatory to wear 100% masks at this time of strict restrictions. On Thursday, the state minister for public administration told reporters, "We have plans to extend the lockdown for another week." Because ‘Indian variant’ has been found in the country.

It could put you at risk. Earlier, a seven-day lockdown began across the country on April 5 to stem the rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths.

After a two-day break at the end of the lockdown, an eight-day severe lockdown began on April 14 from 6 am.

That period ends at midnight on Wednesday (April 21). However, the lockdown was extended until midnight on April 28 as the corona infection situation did not improve.

Later, the lockdown was extended till May 5. Then, at the cabinet meeting on May 3, it was decided to extend the lockdown again and maintain it till May 16.

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