Bengalis may not be rich, but a wealthy nation in the world in terms of culture


Awami League joint general secretary and information and broadcasting ministers. Hasan Mahmud said that in 1971, Pakistan should apologize for Pakistan for the way Pakistan killed in innocent Bengalis.

We are asking for forgiveness. But yesterday. Jafarullah Chowdhury said Pakistan to forgive Pakistan. This kind of statement is not desirable. This whole statement belonged to the BNP. He said this while talking about the Chief Guest in the discussion meeting in the meeting of the Bir freedom fighter, Sarah Begum Hazi, a Bangabandhu Cultural Alliance organized by Bangabandhu Cultural Alliance in the National Press Club.

Dr. Hassan Mahmud said, we demand that Pakistan will apologize to Bangladesh but Jafarullah Chowdhury says to forgive Pakistan. This whole statement belongs to the BNP. I strongly condemn such a statement.

We hope that Pakistan will apologize to Bangladesh. Pakistan should apologize for the wrongdoing that Pakistan has done wrong with the Bengali nation in 1971. The joint general secretary of Aiwami League said that our culture is hit in different ways. Do not let us float in our national culture.

Lose our culture and lifted upwards. Many times, Rabindra Music was played in the song's songs. From this mixed culture, our Bengali culture must be rescued, to be redeemed. The Bengalis may not be rich, but in the direction of culture a wealthy nation in the world. He said that Karona's horrible shape must be dealt with. Therefore, hygiene can not be indifferent to adulate. The danger can increase in it.

Many people do not believe in how to follow health rules. Remembering Sarah Begum Hazar, the information and broadcasting minister said, the cure of Bangabandhu's consciousness held in the chest of life. MP received the nomination from Awami League. I could not think so short time. He was a work person.

The grousery was not only an acting artist, a Awami League skilled worker. The whole life of the freedom freedom freedom freedom. In the chairmanship of Senior Vice President Rafiqul Alam, the Senior Vice President of the Sangskritik Alliance, was present in the program. Murad Hasan MP, Awami League League Presiding Secretary Aminul Islam Amin and former general secretary of Dhaka South Awami League Shah Alam Murad and others.

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