Black fungus can be black if two to three weeks wear the same mask


Blocking like infection like Black fungus may be a big reason. It can be infected with two to three weeks of the same mask.

Such a doctor of India's Ashmas Hospital in India's Neuroscience department, told the media that there was a big reason behind the infection of the fungal infection.

In his words, "Many people washed more than two to three weeks and used the same mask. This infection can spread from this infection. It is advising regular mask to avoid infection or to wash it well with soap.

However, a reputable private hospital doctor Suresh Singh, said in an interview with PTI, the unhealthy environment may have a big role behind this fungal infection. In the words of the blood, 'Black fungus is behind the infections living in a single mask, but also in the house that does not move the air. Maybe. But as well as the use of uncontrolled steroids also blamed himself.

According to him, "Many people started taking steroids by suspecting the covid infection. Doctors do not consult. Excessive use of steroids may also cause the reason behind this infection.

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