Cyclone Yaas is unlikely to hit the coast of Bangladesh


State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief said there was no possibility of cyclone Yaas hitting the coast of Bangladesh. Enamur Rahman.

He said, "I am thankful to Allah Ta'ala for saving Bangladesh from a catastrophic cyclone."

He has protected the life and property of the coastal region of the country and the crop and fish enclosure. I thank Allah again. He said this at a press conference on the cyclone Yas in the conference room of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief at the Secretariat today. We hope it will cross Orissa by 4 pm.

Replying to a question, the state minister for relief said, "It has already flown over Orissa in the morning. Even if it moves, it will pass through Orissa and West Bengal."

There is no possibility of injury in Bangladesh.

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