In the event of an insult to religion, Muslim countries will take joint action


Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has called on all Muslim countries to unite against the Western boycott.

He says now is the right time to unite against the Western boycott. We should call on Europe, the European Union and the United Nations to stop hurting the feelings of 125 million Muslims.

This will be the most effective way to achieve the goal. Imran Khan said that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has already discussed the plan with the foreign ministers of the four Muslim-majority countries. Imran Khan's statement came.

Earlier, Imran Khan had said in his speech that the banned group's approach to oust the French ambassador by cornering the government was not an effective solution. A teacher was beheaded after showing such a cartoon while discussing freedom of expression in a school classroom.

Then, in October last year, French President Emmanuel Macron strongly advocated for freedom of speech, sparking outrage in the Muslim world, including in Pakistan.

Pakistan called for a boycott of French goods. Protests erupted again after the Pakistani government arrested TLP leader Saad Hussain Rizvi. The group called for the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan. The TLP has recently been banned by the Pakistani government.

After Rizvi's arrest and the TLP was banned by the Pakistani authorities, thousands of supporters of the party took to the streets of Pakistan to protest.

Police fired rubber bullets at protesters, and using tear gas and water-cannon. Four policemen were killed in the clash.

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