Millions of dollars will be required to rebuild Gaza's infrastructure


The first shipment of relief has reached Palestine. There was a relief after a few hours of the ceasefire in Palestine and Israel. After the ceasefire, Israel has opened the junction between Egypt, Gaza and Israel's border between Israel, Israel.

Gaza has entered the relief of various help organizations including the United Nations with this border. These trucks have food, energy and medicines. After the effective of a ceasefire, thousands of Palestinian refugees are returned home. The clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in Al-Aksaras of Joseusalem. After this collision, there is a severe size.

The stretch collision went 11 days. More than one and a half people have been killed and more than a thousand people have been injured and more than one thousand people were injured. Jodiya Fund UNICEF said almost a million people in Gaza have become displaced. About eight lakh people have been separated from the water supply line.

Palestinian officials said that due to the Israeli blockade, millions of dollars will be required to rebuild the infrastructure of poverty afflicted Gaza.

Hundreds of thousands of people were injured because he was the risk of health care in the healthcare. The United Nations Palestinian Refugee Organization (UNWRA) said that their priority is to identify the displaced people of Gaza and help them.

They immediately wanted to help three million 80 million dollars as relief.

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