Motherhood is not mandatory for women: Mithila


Actress Mithila spoke of freedom in her decision to become a woman's mother. "Being a mother is not compulsory for a woman," she said.

A woman will decide for herself whether she wants to be a mother or not. It should not be imposed on him. Today is World Mother's Day. Although there is no set time to love and respect mother, today is the day to remember mother with deep affection. Mithila wanted to say something different about mothers on this special day for mothers.

Which is different from the rest. In addition to the freedom to decide to be a mother in the case of a woman, she also spoke about the sense of responsibility of a mother to her surroundings. According to Mithila, a mother should share her responsibilities without questioning her qualifications.

At the same time, it is not right to put pressure on mothers by putting motherhood in a high place. Mithila said, "We need to extend a helping hand to mothers."

They need mental and physical support. And fathers should take this responsibility. Not only that, mothers also need trust from the society. '' She thinks that mothers should be kept happy. Only then will they be able to push the next generation towards that feeling.

The seeds of responsibility, values ​​and empathy will be sown in the children in this way.

Wishing Ira a happy birthday, Mithila wrote, ‘I am lucky to have you. Happy 8 years of motherhood ’.

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