Only God can save from the horrors of Corona: Shamim Osman


Narayanganj-4 MP Shamim Osman said, "I believe that God has special mercy on this country and the people of this country."

So, only Allah can save us from this horror of Corona. . He said this while addressing the workers present before providing this assistance. Shamim Osman added that transport workers are among the worst victims of the lockdown.

Because public transport is closed, they have become unemployed. This huge working population also has families.

But I have not seen anyone standing by their side yet. He said, the government is doing its best. But we are not able to make ourselves aware.

If the able-bodied in every area stand by the needy to the best of their ability, we will win this war. District Awami League general secretary Abu Hasnat Shahid Badal, general secretary of metropolitan Awami League Advocate Khokon Saha, joint secretary Shah Nizam Uddin, president of metropolitan Juba League Shahadat Hossain Sajnu, transport workers leader Samsuzzaman, Jilani Sardar and others were present.

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