Successful Bhutan King, the number of dead 1


Beautiful country like pictures On the other hand, the jungle on the other hand. Not the government, the king is still the last word of the country.

The size of the hotel room starting from the daily life of the people, all is well taken in court. Bhutan has made many improvements in Jigme Wangchuk.

India's influence in the country does not have the effects of China, as well as the answer to this question, as well as the king of Bhutan, more than two neighboring countries. The second wave of Korona is driving in India.

But the Kovid map is one of the rare countries Bhutan. There is still the number of dead in the number 1. Multiple organs of a young man died in the capital of Thimphur Hospital during the start of the garment. Since then, there was no death in this country.

Daily infections are also in control. In India, there are more than 400,000 people in India, there is a number of daily affected by Bhutan.

Not only Bhutan, many countries of the world - Vietnam, Rawanda, Senegal - can not be able to control the infection. Experts claim that due to special emphasis in public health, do not bite in these countries. There are 337 doctors, 3 thousand health workers. Bhutan has ensured it almost in the fight.

Because Administrative Plan On December 31 of 2019, the first taxed infection in China was diagnosed. Bhutan started fighting against Korona 2020 from January 15.

Begins on the basis of signs. On March 6, the first infected news of Bhutan matches the news. The test started by identifying 300 people in contact with the victims of 6 hours in 18 minutes. The text is in the niggers. This little country has a lot of planning. Despite the country's main economy tourism, Bhutan stopped the arrival of foreigners in a strict hand from March last year.

Almost all the gym, restaurants, shopping malls are closed. Mask and sanitizer are used in the use of stiffness. For those who came from abroad, arrangements were arranged for government expenses.

It is also arranged for any symptoms to go to the government quarantine center immediately. The rules are being started in 14 to 21 days of quarantine. So that there is no possibility of the slightest infection. Bhutan started testing at a huge rate.

The plan of giving Bhutan vaccine has also been successful than many developed countries in America, England and Western world.

Today, Bangladesh can take lessons to control different countries of the world, from the king's country. There is no end to learning.

So if India teaches the virus to control the virus from Bhutan, what is bad?

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