The family members left the old mother at home due to corona infection


India has set a world record of 150 deaths per hour in Corona for 10 consecutive days.

In such a difficult situation, Korona contracted the infection and the old mother was left at home by her son and other family members. Manikchak in Malda, North Kolkata, West Bengal, India witnessed this extremely inhumane act.

The woman was later admitted to the hospital on the initiative of the health department. However, the name of the woman was not disclosed. According to the locals, Covid-19 was found in the body of the woman from Kamalpur village of Manikchak last Monday.

Upon hearing this news, the son and other members of the family fled leaving the mother at home. There are allegations that the neighbors did not come forward.

Meanwhile, the woman's physical condition started deteriorating on Thursday night. The news was given to the block health department on Friday. They sent an ambulance and admitted him to the hospital.

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