The liver is good when you smile


Will there be laughter when you see him in the assembly? Kanchan Mallick, a one-time loyal soldier of Mamata Banerjee who lost to BJP leader Prabir Ghoshal from Uttarpara Assembly with nearly 30,000 votes, said, "Don't laugh!" The liver is good when you smile.

After being elected as the number one comedian Trinamool candidate in Bengali films and television, one word has gone off like a broken record - Didi has given the responsibility. Sister's dignity must be maintained. Kanchan also left. One lakh six thousand 553 voters of Uttarpara got the favor.

There is no reason not to. Comedian Kanchan, a resident of South Kolkata, was trapped in a house in a guest house in Konnagar municipality. He has worked hard. He believes that Mamata Banerjee's service has helped the grassroots to win.

Said, the covid virus is not gone yet, but the political virus is gone. You see, those who left Didi's hand before the vote are standing in front of the Trinamool building holding their ears, again to hold Didi's hand. Kanchan's birthday is 6th May. And except for three days.

Is this victory a gift of self? "It's a gift from people," said Kanchan. Big expensive. The weight is too much.

Kanchan wants to work for the next five years to return this gift to the people. In 2002, Kanchan took part in a TV reality news show called Janata Express. He said, he is a man of the people. The crowd will continue to work for Janardhan.

He is survived by his wife Pinky and seven-year-old son Osho. The only weakness of a comedian in a Bengali film who believes in plain living is his weakness.

Kanchan's popularity is skyrocketing in Bangladesh too. Kanchan's message to the people of Bangladesh: From now on you will find Kanchan in comedy as well as in politics. What is the meaning of double engine!

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