The locals did not allow to enter village as attacked by Corona


A 50-year-old man who had gone elsewhere in search of work returned to his village after contracting the coronavirus.

But the locals did not allow him to enter the village for security reasons. There was no space for him in the hospital. Eventually, he was forced to live in a hut in a field outside the village.

Later his body became so bad that he was not in a condition to drink water on his own. Seeing the condition of the father, the mother tried to remove the daughter from him for fear of infection.

One such incident recently took place in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is learned that the man returned to his home in Srikakulam from Vijayawada with a positive corona. But the locals did not allow him to enter the village.

The corona patient was left in a small hut outside the village. A video made by a villager shows a man lying on the ground groaning. His 17-year-old daughter is going to give some water to the father who is affected by corona.

But his mother is preventing him from going. Despite seeing her husband's suffering, the woman did such work to keep her daughter safe. Although in the end the girl manages to give water to the father.

But the man died shortly afterwards. The video also shows some people watching the whole scene from a distance. This is one of the saddest stories of Corona epidemic in India.

Not only in Delhi and Maharashtra, but also in many villages in India, coronavirus cases are seen. In Andhra Pradesh, the presence of coronavirus has been detected in 20,000 new people in a single day and 71 people have died. So far 11 lakh corona patients have been identified in the state.

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