The only solution to stop conflict establishes a separate state for the Palestinians


US President Joe Biden believes that the conflict with Israel is not possible to end the conflict with Israel without establishing a separate state for the Palestinians. Biden said this at a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jay-in visiting Washington. Biden said that the only solution to stop the conflict between the two sides establish two different states. In the reconstruction of war-torn Gaza, he also promised a large support package with another country. Biden said that one thing needs to be clear: Israel will not come as long as Israel's existence will be recognized as an independent Jewish state.

In order to ensure that Hamas can not build weapons, the West Bank will be able to coordinate with his rival Palestinian Authority in the possession of the Palestinian Authority. Conflicts between Palestinian and Israelis in Al-Aksa of Jerusalem were started. After this collision, there is a severe size.

The stretch collision went 11 days. More than two and a half people have been killed in Palestinians and more than one thousand people were injured. The ceasefire is going from Friday after 11-day conflict in Israel and Hamas.

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