There is no possibility of the rest of the IPL in England: Sourav


Sourav Ganguly blown the rest of the IPL. It is difficult to find the place for the IPL due to busy index.

He said that there is no possibility of being the rest of the country in England.

After England, India will play three one-day matches in Sri Lanka and five T20. There are strict rules like 14-day quarantine. So IPL does not have the opportunity to be in India. Quarkantine is very difficult.

When I get the opportunity to organize the rest of the IPL, it is very difficult to say at this moment. Should you have to close the UPL? Sourav did not fully agree. Said, "Now many may think that IPL was good before the end. But no one was infected in Mumbai and Chennai.

This incident happened after Delhi and Amudabad played. People will say many things. But see the English Premier League. Many of them have been infected.

But they organized the match afterwards. It is not possible in the IPL. When the players stopped the game for seven days, the cricketers will return home and the quarantine will start again. Despite the intensity of the ortheter, many criticized many people with the continuation of the IPL.

Sourav did not want to give those times. He said, "Again, if someone did not suffer, we would have competed.

The cricketers were in biological protection balls and no visitors were allowed to enter the field. We stopped by them to be infected.

Look at the rest of the leagues. There is a lot of coast-infected with it. League but did not stop.

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