There will be exams, no doubt about it: Board of Education


Although the Secondary (SSC) and Higher Secondary (HSC) examinations start from February 1 and April 1 every year, the schedule has been severely affected due to corona.

Although SSC exam was taken last year, autopsy has to be given in HSC. Due to the outbreak of corona virus this year also, it was not possible to take the test on time.

He was forced to take a 60-day short syllabus in SSC and an 84-day short syllabus in HSC to take the SSC exams in June-July and the HSC exams in September and October.

As a result, the two public exams could be delayed by another two months. The inter-education board authorities have given such a hint. However, the concerned people have said that autopass will not be given this time. The test may be delayed by two / one months from the scheduled time.

The concerned department of the Ministry of Education is working on how the examination will be conducted in this regard. On Wednesday, Professor Nehal Ahmed, Chairman of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee and Chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, said, "The syllabus for SSC-HSC has been shortened."

It was decided to take SSC exam in June-July. However, it may be delayed for a month or two. But there is no doubt that there will be exams. He said, "The way HSC candidates were passed last time, it is wrong to call it autopass.

This is because they were fully prepared for the test. This time the subject of SSC or HSC is different. They could not go to class.

For this, even if it is in a short syllabus, the students will have to sit for the examination this time.

But because of Corona, that plan is doomed.

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