Those who are recovering from corona are going blind again!


Corona (Covid-19) has taken a terrible form in India. The procession of death is not stopping. In this, new panic has appeared again.

Those recovering from corona are going blind again. They are blinded by a fungus called mucomycosis or black fungus.

This black fungus is being infected up to the lungs. It can be life threatening. The infection of this rare fungus is very serious which attacks the nose, eyes and sometimes even the brain.

As a result, the patient's eyes have to be cut off to save his life. Doctors say that mycorrhizae is a very rare infection.

This infection occurs when you come in contact with a fungus called mucosa. This fungus is commonly found in soil, plants, fertilizers and decomposed fruits and vegetables. It exists naturally in soil and air. It can even be present at normal times in the nose and mucus of healthy people.

People with diabetes, cancer, or HIV / AIDS, or those with very low immunity to a disease have a higher risk of infection with this mucositis. The risk of dying from mucomycosis is 50%. Their idea is that this infection may start from steroid use.

Treatment of severely infected people with Covid-19 is now being treated with steroids to save their lives. Steroids help reduce the inflammation of the lungs of people suffering from Covid-19. Doctors also use steroids to treat covidavirus when the body's immune system is over-activated to fight the coronavirus, which causes damage to various parts of the body.

In the case of diabetic patients, even those who do not have diabetes have high blood sugar levels. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is thought to be caused by a decrease in the body's own immune system.

Not infected, how to understand?

Doctors say most patients are arriving late. They come when they sit down to lose sight.

At this stage, there is no other way but to remove the eye by operating on the doctor. Because, there is no alternative but to remove the eyes to prevent the fungal brain attack. Doctors in India say that in some cases, patients are losing sight of both eyes.

In some patients, the jaw bone has to be removed to prevent the spread of the infection. However, they are very serious infections. Injections into the vein to stop the spread of the fungus cost Rs 3,500 in Indian currency.

And the patient has to give this medicine every day for eight weeks. This is the only effective medicine to treat this disease.

Ways to prevent?

Mumbai diabetes doctor said. Rahul Boxi says the only way to prevent this fungal infection is to ensure that the patient with Covid-19 is given the right amount of steroids at the right time, during treatment and if he recovers. Have been treated and none of them have been infected with the next fungal infection of Kovid.

It is very important for the patient to keep his blood sugar level under the supervision of a doctor after he recovers or returns home from the hospital.

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