Wedding ceremony in the middle of the sky by renting a plane - video

Strict restrictions have been imposed across India to reduce corona (Covid-19) infections. It is forbidden to perform marriage ceremony with many members. You have to wear a mask too. But the two families practically gave a thumbs up to this rule. The couple rented a plane and got married in the middle of the sky.

A video of the wedding went viral on social media. This is a video of Madurai in Tamil Nadu running a lockdown.

The wedding is taking place in a crowded plane. No one has a mask on their face. There is no social distance. It is known that Rakesh-Dakshina's family rented the whole SpiceJet plane for two hours. The plane flew from Madurai to Bangalore.

And they got married in the presence of relatives on that plane. Lockdown on the ground, not in the sky! They got married in such a way.

Many people have fun in such a fancy marriage. However, netizens have been more vocal in their protest.

The question also arises as to how they got married with so many relatives on the plane in the Corona situation. Where more than 50 people are not supposed to be present, there is such a gathering that it is not right at all, that is what many have said. Not only that, some people have also raised the issue of not wearing a mask.

Netizens have also raised questions about whether anyone is above the law if they have money.


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