Bithi's song 'Love in the Book of Life'-Viral


This song is now the trend of Bangladesh on Facebook, TickTock, YouTube, Social Media. Originally, when she went for a walk with his family, she saw the beautiful environment in the boat and recorded a video with a selfie camera. And as soon as the video of that song was posted on Facebook, the song went viral. While talking to Manabjamin about the recently viral song 'Jeevan Khataye Prem', artist Bithi Chowdhury shared the story behind the song and her dream. She said that she went on a boat trip to Baishtila in Sylhet and sang there. Gaye recorded the video with his selfie camera. The song, which is currently going viral, she shared on Facebook on the 28th.

And then the song went viral. SA Mohan was with him at Ukelle. She said, "I have been interested in music since I was in class five." At that time I was trained in music. From a young age, there was a different tendency towards music. From that pull the singing began. And I used to sing professionally.

Always encouraged by everyone in the family. As my parents love music, I didn't have to face any obstacles while singing. My mother was very fond of her, she wanted her daughter to be a good singer. In a word, the family and the mother came to the world of music at will.

My mother's inspiration was the main point of my life. She is currently singing professionally. Both the study and the song are continuing. There is still a lot to learn about the song, Bithi said.

Bithi Chowdhury is a girl from Kurumkhola village in Tukurbazar of Sylhet district. And is studying Honors Final Year in English from Metropolitan University, Sylhet.

Bithi is the eldest of fathers, mothers and two sisters in the family. But I will complete my study first. Then I will focus on the song. Honors on the way to the end.

Now I want to spread the folk song of Sylhet to the whole of Bangladesh and the world. I want to represent my Sylhet to the whole world.

To represent my Bangladesh. She added, "I didn't think the song would suddenly go viral like this after sharing it on Facebook."

The audience is liking the song so much. In fact, the song went viral with the love of the audience. I never imagined that the audience would love and respect it so much. An unimaginable event happened in my life.

In fact, I left the song without thinking of anything. But I didn't understand that I would take place in people's minds so soon.


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