Fighting social media, childbearing Nusrat?


Nusrat Jahan has decided to become a mother, while some in Tollygunge are claiming that she is childless. Fighting over this speculation on social media.

Where the personal life of the star MP is plagued with controversy, everyone is surprised about the issue of becoming a mother! The actress' husband Nikhil Jain has made it clear that she does not know who the father of this child is! She has not had any relationship with Nusrat for the last seven months.

Nikhil Jain has clearly informed him. Although there is no legal separation, no one understands that the relationship of this couple has come to a standstill. Nusrat has been a little more open about her love affair with Yash Dasgupta for the last few days.

She has indirectly admitted to dating Yash. The heroine detonated a new bomb in the midst of speculation of having a child. Nusrat shared a quote in her Instagram story. There is written about intimacy.

The English translation of Taylor Jenkins Reid's quote in English shows that intimacy in human terms means only sex.

But intimacy is actually but true. When you realize you can tell someone all your truth, when you can match yourself in front of him, when you stand in front of him she will say you are safe with me - that is the real intimacy.

Nusrat shared this quote on his Instagram story and wrote that it is absolutely correct. The pressure on Nusrat's motherhood on social media is palpable, but it is difficult to understand from Nusrat's social media post.

Nusrat Jahan is following his own rhythm keeping the speculation alive.

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