‘Give and Take’ Adhara


Adhara Khan is a current generation actress. She returned to the country from Dubai before Eid. However, she has not yet done any work in this situation back in the country.

Meanwhile, Adhara has already completed the work of the film 'Border' directed by Saikat Nasir. Apart from this, Apurba-Rana directed 'Unmad' has also completed a lot of work. In this picture Adhara

Acting opposite Roshan.

On the other hand, Adhara also started acting in the same director duo's 'Give and Take' with Bappi. The work of this film will also start in the future. Early last year, the heroine also started the work of the film 'Covid Nineteen in Bangladesh'.

All in all, Adhara is waiting for the release of Border film and the shooting of the other three films to start again. The heroine said, the work of the film 'Border' is over. It will be released soon. And the work of the remaining three pictures is half finished. Meanwhile, when the rain subsides, work on 'Unmad' will start again from July.

I have learned that the rest will start in phases. But these pictures are important for my career. That's why I'm waiting for these to start. Regarding the new work, Adhara said, there is talk of three new projects. If I match with bat and ball, maybe I will do it.

But the story and the character must be like mind. Because I really want to work in a film that has a chance to prove itself.

My career may not be long. However, I work with these issues in mind when choosing pictures.

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