No shirts, pants are required to take part in the ride


The annual 'Philly Naked Bike Ride' with naked cyclists is going to be organized in August.

Normally you don't have to take part in this ride with any shirt, pants, skirt or underwear. However, this time the organizers have added an issue to the rules.

That is, all riders must wear a mask. Special caution is in place for the Covid-19 situation in Philadelphia.

Wearing a mask is one of the first restrictions that residents have to abide by. As a result, this rule will continue in the organization of naked bike rides.

However, the situation is getting better now. However, the organizers said that since they have already decided to make this rule mandatory, they will not make any new announcements. Thousands of people took part in this ride. At first everyone gathered in a park. Then they left their clothes there and started bike ride.

Many are seen doing body painting. The purpose of this ride is to spread positivity among people about the body.

Besides, its main purpose is to encourage people to ride bicycles. The ride is about 16 kilometers.

Although it is held every year, it was canceled last year due to corona.

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