The 'Indian type' of corona virus has been identified 8 people in Jessore


The ‘Indian type’ of corona virus has been identified in the bodies of 8 local patients in Jessore at the Genome Center of Jessore University of Science and Technology.

However, none of the identified patients had any connection or history of going to India. Among them 7 are men and one is a woman.

All of them are under 56 years of age. Monday, Yabiprabi Genome Center Associate Director. Md. A team of researchers led by Iqbal Kabir Zahid identified the Indian version of the corona virus through sequences.

The Department of Health, IEDCR, Jessore has already informed the local administration about the Indian type identification. According to the Genome Center of Jabiprabir, on May 29, samples of 4 people were sent to Abhaynagar Upazila Health Complex, samples of 3 people were sent to General Hospital with 250 beds and samples of others were sent to Jabiprabir Lab from Jhikargachha Upazila Health Complex. The Indian type was identified by sequencing a sample of 36 local people to find out if there had been a local infection, as the rate of positivity in Jessore district has risen from 10 per cent to 19 per cent in the recent quarantine. According to the research team, the species named E1.617.2 has been identified at the Genome Center.

Everyone has named it the Indian variant. This type of Indian was first identified in a sample of 2 corona patients on May 8 in Jabiprabir's lab. Jessore University of Science and Technology has so far tested the samples of 550 people returning to India and found corona positive in the bodies of 12 people.

Of the patients returning to India, Indian variant E.1.617.2 was found in the bodies of 7 patients. Two of them came to the country after being positive.

Some are positive even without symptoms. So far, 15 people, including returnees and locals, have been diagnosed with the Indian coronavirus in the lab.

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