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BNP has donated emergency medicine to the war-torn country of Palestine
Mirza Fakhrul condemned the arrest of journalist Rozina
The government has no will to control Corona: Fakhrul
The family is waiting for the government's permission to take Khaleda Zia abroad
Application to take BNP chairperson abroad for better treatment
Government is spreading propaganda against the opposition by writing fiction: Fakhrul
BNP leader Ziaur Rahman Khan is no more
The events that took place around March 26 were made by the government: Fakhrul
Rizvi's physical condition has improved and he has been transferred to the cabin
Khaleda Zia has completed CT scan and returned home
Government fails to control Corona, imposes shutdown in the name of lockdown: Fakhrul
BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia is infected with the corona virus
BNP's political isolation has started: Obaidul Quader
The economy has now become the economy of the corrupt: Fakhrul
Daily programs of Awami government, torture of opposition leaders and activists: Fakhrul
Government is celebrating the golden jubilee of independence by excluding the people: Mirza Fakhrul
BNP senior joint secretary general Rizvi's condition is unchanged
Burial of Barrister Moudud Ahmed completed
Moudud Ahmed has fought for democracy and human rights all his life: Musharraf
Barrister Moudud Ahmed is no more