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Corona virus spread from Chinese laboratories!
The 'Indian type' of corona virus has been identified 8 people in Jessore
The deadline for land border closure with India is being extended for another 14 days
Corona identification and death have decreased in India
Disappointed health workers go to vaccinate against the corona virus
It will take four to five months to make the vaccine in the country: Health Minister
After May 16, the police will be given judicial powers wearing 100% masks: Public Administration
Only God can save from the horrors of Corona: Shamim Osman
In India, many people use cow dung and cow urine to survive from corona
Those who are recovering from corona are going blind again!
Ban on entry to UAE from four countries including Bangladesh
60 lakh allocated for dogs and cats
Successful Bhutan King, the number of dead 1
The media is unnecessarily exaggerating the coronavirus: Kangana
Four corona patients of Indian variant have been identified in the country
The family members left the old mother at home due to corona infection
36,110 deaths in the last 10 days in India
Abdul Hamid has taken the second dose of Covid-19
Coronavirus infections are on the rise in India as well as Pakistan
Shakib-Mustafiz will have to come to the country in a special arrangement