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Oral examination of 42nd special BCS has been postponed
All written examinations at the National University are suspended until further notice
Plan to vaccinate students before campus opens
Ongoing holidays of all educational institutions across the country have been extended till May 29
The last date for filling up the SSC exam form and submitting the fee online is May 30
Awami League's politics is to stand by the people: Dipu Moni
There will be exams, no doubt about it: Board of Education
All schools and colleges in the country will be opened from May 23: Mahbub Hossain
All madrassas across the country were ordered to remain closed until further notice
Medical admission test completed in 2020-21 academic year
Ongoing holidays of educational institutions, may open after Eid: Dipu Moni
The more women move forward, the more the country will move forward
The Ministry of Education has specially requested not to listen to rumors of Tk 10,000
Crowds of students flock to online service stores to receive grants
Celebration of the historic flag hoisting day of Dhaka University
The admission test of Rajshahi University will start on June 14 with the examination of 'C' unit
The examination will be held 60 working days after the opening of the school: Dipu Moni
Dependence on foreign workers is increasing as the education system is not up-to-date: Education Minister
The thumbs up by announcing the repeal of the Digital Security Act: Student Federation
Publication of short syllabus from 1st March to 30th November