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Popular film actor Jit attacked by Corona
Actor Alamgir attacked with corona
Actor SM Mohsin was buried at Azimpur cemetery
At the end of ‘Guard of Honor’, Kabari was laid to rest at Banani Cemetery
Coronavirus-infected actress Kabari has been taken to Life Support
It is very difficult - Kangana
All the work at hand is stopped, Toya is under house arrest voluntarily
Mithila won the title of Miss Universe Bangladesh-2020
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All the news of Swarna cheating is published one by one
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Director's threat of defamation suit in the name of Dighi
Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhakai movie, returned to shooting
Goal Sonar Bangla, Corruption Free Bangla: Sravanti
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Zayed Noor in music as well as medical profession
Actress Babita has been vaccinated against corona
Actress Anchal in the new mission
Actress Sravanti has joined BJP