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TIB's report on health sector is false and wrong: Health Minister
Rozina Islam was not tortured: Health Minister
It will take four to five months to make the vaccine in the country: Health Minister
PM is very sincere to increase the budget of the health sector: Health Minister
Agreement for import of corona vaccine made by Synoform soon: Health Minister
Lockdown is not the only solution: Health Minister
More and more patients are increasing due to tourism and traveling abroad: Health Minister
We know the way to avoid and treat corona: Health Minister
If don't wear a mask, if don't follow the hygiene rules - will be fined as before
The infection will increase, the way the program is going on: Health Minister
The health sector needs to be given more importance - Health Minister
Different charges of different hospitals cause suffering of common people: Health Minister
The second dose of Corona will start from April 7
Out of 17 crore people in the country, only 1300 are affected by corona
Only those who register and go to the center will be vaccinated: Health Minister
Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine 'best' of all vaccines developed: Health Minister
Using foreign channels to tarnish the image of the country by presenting false information: Health Minister
Vaccination activities will start on February 7 across the country: Health Minister
Vaccines are life-saving, don't spread rumors about vaccines: Health Minister
Whoever wants will be vaccinated: Zahid Malek