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Kashmir is still fighting for its independence
The deadline for land border closure with India is being extended for another 14 days
Corona identification and death have decreased in India
Wedding ceremony in the middle of the sky by renting a plane - video
Disappointed health workers go to vaccinate against the corona virus
Black fungus can be black if two to three weeks wear the same mask
The speed of the storm on the coast of Gujarat can be up to 200 km per hour
In India, the total death toll in Corona stands at 266,207
The number of bodies floating in the Gangas has reached 71
In India, many people use cow dung and cow urine to survive from corona
Those who are recovering from corona are going blind again!
60 lakh allocated for dogs and cats
There is no possibility of the rest of the IPL in England: Sourav
21 people died in a row after returning from the funeral of the infected patient
The family members left the old mother at home due to corona infection
36,110 deaths in the last 10 days in India
The locals did not allow to enter village as attacked by Corona
8 Asiatic lions in the park in Hyderabad are infected with corona
India obliged to vaccinate as per agreement: MA Mannan
The Indian Cricket Board has announced the suspension of the IPL indefinitely