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Hassan Mahmoud strongly condemned the Israeli attack on the Palestinians
From now can watch BTV from any end through the app: Hasan Mahmood
It is not clear why BNP wants to take Khaleda Zia abroad: Hasan Mahmud
The information minister called on the BNP to stand by the people with the government
The flexibility of the government should not be considered a weakness: Information Minister
The information minister requested the BNP not to do politics with back pain
There is no one to beg now: Information Minister
Islam does not support imposing anything by force: Hassan Mahmud
Zia has acted as an ally of Pakistanis in the guise of freedom fighter: Information Minister
Long ago we had countries like Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea: Information Minister
Al-Jazeera's recent report is part of the BNP's conspiracy: Information Minister
We could have shut down Al Jazeera in our country if we wanted to: Information Minister
The report is being disseminated by cutting and pasting false information: Information Minister
The government is regularly providing benefits to journalists: Information Minister
The PM wants to bring spiritual improvement to the new generation: Information Minister
The BNP was not in the way it needs to be in the field to make the election competitive: Information Minister
BNP's habit 'If you don't know how to dance, the yard is crooked': Information Minister
A large number of voters were present in the second round of municipal elections: Dr. Hasan Mahmud