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The only solution to stop conflict establishes a separate state for the Palestinians
Millions of dollars will be required to rebuild Gaza's infrastructure
Innocent Palestinians are dying every day in Israeli demonic airstrikes
Hassan Mahmoud strongly condemned the Israeli attack on the Palestinians
Protests in Tokyo in protest of the Israeli attack on Gaza
UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Khwaja sworn in
The oldest mosque in the world is in Israel
13 people have lost their faces after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Israel
The Prime Minister of Israel recently visited Saudi Arabia?
Israeli attacks are increasing day by day in the Gaza Strip of Palestine
Hezbollah now has full power to attack Israel and occupy territory
In 2020, Israel has been most condemned by the United Nations
Erdogan wants better relations with Israel
Israel is not interested in normalizing relations with Pakistan
Bangladesh is not at all interested in building relations with Israel
The Knesset of Zionist Israel has been dissolved