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In Chittagong, all kinds of preparations have been made to deal with cyclone 'Yaas'
Cyclone Yaas is likely to hit the land next Wednesday
The speed of the storm on the coast of Gujarat can be up to 200 km per hour
Chance of rain on the day of the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr
80 kilometers forecast of strong storms
The tendency of storms and rains is likely to increase across the country from Saturday
It is hot in Dhaka, relief in the rain
Weather doing strange
There may be gusts or thundershowers in one or two places in 5 divisions of the country
The weather can be mainly dry with temporarily partly cloudy skies
Forecast of rain with thunder over 14 regions of the country
Intense heat wave can blow in the country
Night and day temperatures across the country may remain almost unchanged
Chance of light-drizzle in four sections