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BNP has donated emergency medicine to the war-torn country of Palestine
Mirza Fakhrul condemned the arrest of journalist Rozina
The government has no will to control Corona: Fakhrul
Government is spreading propaganda against the opposition by writing fiction: Fakhrul
The events that took place around March 26 were made by the government: Fakhrul
Government fails to control Corona, imposes shutdown in the name of lockdown: Fakhrul
The economy has now become the economy of the corrupt: Fakhrul
Daily programs of Awami government, torture of opposition leaders and activists: Fakhrul
Government is celebrating the golden jubilee of independence by excluding the people: Mirza Fakhrul
We all get a little entertainment in the words of Obaidul Quader: Fakhrul
Mirza Fakhrul demanded the resignation of Obaidul Quader
BNP rally demanding fair elections and repeal of digital security law
Declaration of independence and speech are not one thing: Mirza Fakhrul
The main crisis of the country today, we have to establish democracy: Fakhrul
Future generations are being misled by giving false history: Fakhrul
Not at the mercy of anyone, Zia got the title for his special contribution in the liberation war
Mirza Fakhrul strongly condemns and protests the death of writer Mushtaq Ahmed
The people have been deceived by depriving them of the right to vote, an exceptional example of fraud
The decision to cancel Ziaur Rahman's title is completely politically vindictive: Fakhrul
Due to the government's notoriety, the image of the country and abroad has been completely destroyed: Mirza Fakhrul