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36,110 deaths in the last 10 days in India
All kinds of festivals of Eid-ul-Fitr are banned in Egypt
The uncontrolled Chinese rocket part will land on Saturday
In Mali, a young woman gave birth to 9 children at once
The locals did not allow to enter village as attacked by Corona
Coronavirus infections are on the rise in India as well as Pakistan
Suddenly the number of corona attacks and deaths in Japan began to rise
Mamata will be sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time on Wednesday
Mamata went to Nandigram, the most talked about center
Corona deaths in India in the last 24 hours 3689
Bodies are being left under the open sky, people in the area are stinking
As the days go by, the power of infection is increasing in India and so is the death march
In the event of an insult to religion, Muslim countries will take joint action
The health system has completely collapsed, a mother hugged the doctors' legs
Deaths are increasing day by day in India, relatives are not getting a chance to express their grief
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's party is ahead in the polls
3 thousand missing corona patients from Bangalore
The huge eight-stage voting in the West Bengal Assembly will end on Thursday
Mother's body is not getting the ambulance in a motorcycle
India-Pakistan should fight unitedly against Corona: Imran Khan